Cam + shorter event recording ? And no AI notifications

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My notifications are still off for AI amd motion is finally back on. After I uninstalled and reinstalled the app. But my main issue is my event recording went from 12 seconds to 7 and a slow mo 1-2 seconds at the end after purchasing CAM+ !? Is anyone else noticing this ? It’s supposed to be longer. Not shorter.

Are you using an outdoor cam? Did you set the recording and cool down times which you can do if you have cam plus. I have 4 WCO all set with no cooldown and set the recording limit for 3 min. It (the cam) will only record as long as there is motion. Check your event recording settings.

I did and nothing is changed. I actually have mine set to no cooldown and 5 minutes. I am a cam plus member as well. And a really weird thing. Thr camera is only picking up half way through. Like 30 full sec after I walk outside if will pick me up for motion. But hasn’t picked my husband up at all. There is no trace of him on the camera for thr last day and a half . And on mine the camera stops at 7 to 16 seconds but thr motion is slow mo for thr last 3 secs sometimes. It’s weird. And today it’s only picked me up 1/3 of the time I’ve been outside. It’s a sunny day here. So idk