Wyze cam outdoor v2 Maximum Video Length

I couldn’t find much documentation on the “Maximum video length” setting in the event recording area. I have the camera in a spot right now that doesn’t get a lot of traffic so I’ve lowered the cool-down and maxed out the video but in my testing of just walking around in front of it it still only records 12 second videos. Is this setting only apply to SD card, for example? Or what am I missing here.

Are you using Cam Plus or Cam Plus Lite? If you do scheduled event recording (MOTION ONLY) to the SD card in the camera you can set the camera for no cooldown and a maximum length of each video event up to 5 minutes. If motion continues after 5 min another video will be recorded for the duration of motion up to 5 min. again. If you are talking about cloud events shown on the events page and you have cam plus it is supposed to record as long as motion is detected. If you are using Cam Plus Lite you will just get 12 seconds and there is a minimum cooldown of 1 min. between videos. There is no setting for the length of recording for cloud events that show up on the events page.

Thank you for the response. Oddly around 3:32 today shortly after I posted this the recordings changed. It’s not showing the duration of the video and some are longer than the normal 12 seconds. I don’t know if it just took a while to update or what. I set it yesterday so I would have assumed at least today it would be recording like that. Anyway, whatever happened seems to be what I would expect now so I guess we’re all good.