Recording Cooldown & Maximum Video Length options missing

When I go into Settings on my Outdoor Camera and select Event Recording, there’s a Recording Settings section where I can set the Recording Cooldown and Maximum Video Length. On the other hand, when I go into Settings / Event Recording on my v2 Cameras, there isn’t a Recording Settings section at all, so I can’t set the Cooldown or Max Video Length. All 4 cameras are subscribed (and assigned) to Cam Plus! “Annual Plan (Web) - 4 Licenses” expires Mar 22, 2023. Any idea what’s going on here?

Recording Cooldown and Maximum Video Length are not functions of Cam Plus. They are functions of battery-powered cams (Cam Outdoor and Cam Outdoor v2) that allow you to conserve battery power by limiting recording time.


Thanks. So how long are Event recordings on the v2 cameras? Not limited to 12 seconds, so I assume until motion no longer detected?

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Yes, with Cam Plus, until motion is no longer detected + X seconds. But I believe there is a 5 minute cap. Even then, if motion continues past 5 minutes, you just end up with another event that starts where the previous event ended.

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New to Wyze cameras (have the outdoor v2) and wondering about the above.
I have Cam Plus. Have noticed the videos end immediately at the end of motion detection.

You mention above “motion no is longer detected + X seconds”.

Is there somewhere to define a setting of what X is? I would like to have about 3-5 extra seconds after motion (sometimes the car just pauses for a few seconds, or a person stops walking)

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For the Cam Outdoor v1 and v2 regardless of subscription type, “+ X seconds” is 0 or pretty close to it. I’m not sure what Wyze has this value set to, but it is very minimal in order to conserve battery power. Other non-battery powered cams types with Cam Plus have a small pre-event buffer and a substantial post-event buffer. There is no setting to change… the value is fixed. :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

Hey everyone, I have the new OG it plugs in. I have Cam Plus. I cannot figure out how to extend the video length past 12sec.
Thank you.

Is cam plus assigned to the camera on your account ?