Set event video size, stop when motion stops

Here is my camera inventory so far:
Cam+Floodlight (2)
Cam Pan V3
Indoor-Outdoor Cam V3
Doorbell Pro

I swear I used to be able to set max event video length (up to 3 minutes I think) and also set it to stop recording when motion stops. But now I can only find that option in the Doorbell Pro, can’t find it in any of the others.

Where did it go?

Only the battery cameras support this. Wired cameras had this setting for a few days during the release of cam plus lite, but Wyze quickly removed it because it was causing confusion. If you have cam plus it will automatically be 5 minute max length and no cooldown.

Battery cameras still have these settings.

The video will automatically stop after a few seconds of no motion.

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Why confusion? Confused about what? And if it’s not confusing on the battery cams, why would it be confusing on the wired?

I would like to see a 5-minute clip once in a while. So far the longest I’ve been able to get is about 90 seconds and that’s with continuous motion in front of the camera, people walking around and such. Then it stops and starts a new one.

Gee, maybe they could give us the option of downloading our videos off their website so we can concatentate them offline if we want to. :open_mouth:

Have you tried turning up the sensitivity of the cam?

Sure, several attempts everywhere from 50 to 100, settled on 75 for now.

This intrigues me. You are the third user I have encountered that has mentioned having these features on non-battery cams. I know they have always been features on the battery cams, but I have never experienced the ability to set a user defined recording time or cooldown time on any of my cams. I don’t have any battery cams (WCO or VDBPro).

When Wyze first introduced Cam Plus Lite, the non-battery cams on CPL did have the ability to toggle between a Video Upload and a Thumbnail Upload, but they soon defaulted CPL to the Video Upload.

Wire powered cams are not supposed to have those features. I have never seen them. If you were to poll some of the top users in the forum, I suspect you would get the same responses.

Perhaps a recent app update saw that it wasn’t right and made the correction? :man_shrugging:

As for Video length…I have my theories. I used to get a TON of 3, 4, and 5 minute videos. Without any modification to any of my 26 cam’s sensitivity settings, it dropped to almost all under a minute, usually 12 to 26 seconds. It makes me wonder what advantage there is for Wyze to be receiving and saving shorter videos rather than long ones:thinking: :eyes: :wink:

I don’t know, but it’s a PITA for us users, at least it is for me. I wish they would just let us download our videos from their website and use any of the available tools to concatenate many into one, that would fix things for me, then I wouldn’t really care how short the video clips are. I have asked, begged, pleaded, voted for everything in wishlist that’s on-point, to no avail (so far).

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