How do I set max video clip length?

I have three cameras (so far)…

  1. Cam Pan V3, firmware revision
  2. Video Doorbell Pro, firmware revision 1.0.73
  3. Cam Floodlight. firmware revision (camera) and 10.0.55 (floodlight)

All three were purchased at Home Depot within the past month. All have had their firmware updated to the latest.

Only the Video Doorbell Pro offers a setting for the video length, which I have set to its maximum of 3 minutes.

None of the others offer any sort of setting, and their clips are annoyingly short, no more than 30 seconds, resulting in LOTS (!!!) of tiny short clips when I really want one longer video capturing all the motion.

App revisions are for Android. I also run the app on iOS (iPad) but can’t get at the version number for the Wyze app right now, doing an update, and it didn’t offer to update the Wyze app so I assume it’s the latest revision.

So, how do I set the clip length, and how can I get one long clip instead of a dozen or more tiny little ones?

I don’t think you can set the max video length on wired cams, but usually it will go to the end of the motion (up to 5 min) unless it detects the motion stopped. Maybe try increasing sensitivity?


Thanks, @IEatBeans, I’ll try that. I’ve been experimenting with different sensitivity settings trying to cut down on the false alarms, hopefully I can find a happy medium.