Length of video

Hello All,
I have a wyze pan cam and wondering is there anyway you can extend the video length if u use SD card or Cloud. I know if u use cloud it is only 12 seconds.

It can be continuous.

The cloud is always 12 seconds. If you get a 32 GB microSD card you can get continuous coverage going back anywhere between 2-8 days, mostly dependent on what resolution you run the cam at (SD/HD). I typically can go back about 3 days on my HD cams. The cam will overwrite the oldest footage when it runs out of room. You can use the date & time of your 12-second clip to call up everything that was recorded at that time by the SD card.

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I do not want continuous but the motion track inside assigned zone. Wyze should look into this. 12 seconds is too short to tape if anything really happened. So, u r saying and I believe you tried, if u use 32 gig with SD resolution it can go upto 7/8 days! That is more than good I guess but I need to try. Thanks for your reply.

Things to think of -
I believe that presently the recordings are in 1 minute increments and if you do not initiate Real Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP) the only way to view the clips are in “real time” or pull the SD card and view on the PC. You can move around in the clips but there is not yet any “common” video controls such as fast forward.
If you pull the card and put it on a PC (or I assume a Mac) there are a number of viewers such as VLC that have the controls.

You just touch the 'view playback button at the bottom of the screen and dial up any time you want. You can then view or record any length segment you like.

You do not have to pull the card, I never have.

Can you fast forward?

You can move the timeline with your finger, but they have not implemented fast forward yet.

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Can u use continuous and be notified when motion in assigned zone?

Using continuous does not stop notifications, nor the 12-second motion clips from going to the cloud. Those clips have timestamps that tell you where to go on the SD card if you want to see more than 12 seconds.

I use the motion based recording to SD card. It records as long as motion is present. Don’t need to pull the SD card to review.

My point is that many of us like features such as fast forward and the player is minimal.

I am hearing different info. I just tried to put SD card and continuous with detection zone on with notification, I do not get any notification nor I can see any video in playback. I can see time line color changes but when I move back time lie dont see any video.

Putting the card in probably triggered a motion event, no? You have to wait 5 minutes before you will get another alert possibility.

Also, as quick as you tried that, you probably need to know the timeline will not scroll to the currently recording minute.

One other thing to be sure you are aware of: You can reverse-pinch the timeline to get more timeline resolution.

That five min lag only for cloud or also for local SD card. If so is there anyway can be avoid?

The 5-minute cool down is for alerts and the 12-second cloud clip.

The timeline will lag by 1 minute, as it can’t display the currency recorded minute. Other than that, if you have 5 minutes of recordings you should be able to see 4 of them. But probably only by expanding the timeline.

Can’t change the 5-minute cooldown.

I suppose it’s a little easier when recording events only since you can easily skip to the next clip. You can also drag the timeline to fast forward or rewind.