Sd card video lengths

hey all I saw a Wyze video where they state that after u install a sd Card ur video clips would grow to 1 minute but mine are still ending at 12 seconds any info is greatly appreciated thanks :slight_smile: love wyze cam btw!

yeah, mine are all 12 seconds too.

Hopefully someone has the answer :slight_smile:

I believe that’s only for the motion videos you record to the SD card, not the cloud ones. See settings > Local recording to micro SD card > Records alerts only.

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Do u happen to know how to convert clips to 1 minute? Or by default all motion clips are maximum 12 seconds ?

we are talking about 2 different features.

the motion triggered video uploaded to the cloud is 12 sec.

If you installed a Micro SD card, and enabled “continuous recording” or “record on event”, the longer length video will be stored on the Micro SD card. You can view it in APP via Playback feature, or pop it out to view it on a computer.

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Thank you very much I appreciate all the replies ??

  1. what is the best / most compatible Micro SD card to purchase and where?

  2. If I click on one of my camera devices to see a live shot of what my camera is viewing does this get recorded to the cloud at all?

  3. Is this a secure camera video feed only I can see?

@danobrien7 1) Any 8, 16, or 32GB micro SD will do. Check Amazon.

See this on the FAQ page:

What size and kind of microSD cards does the WyzeCam support? How long does an 8GB or 32GB microSD card last for local recording?
The WyzeCam supports 8GB, 16GB, and 32GB microSD cards in FAT32 format. We recommend Class 10 for optimal performance.

The video file size will depend on whether your WyzeCam is recording HD or SD video. You can toggle between HD and SD video on the live stream view of your camera.

For HD, the video size is approximately 400MB/hour (~10GB/day). For SD, the video size is approximately 130MB/hour (3-4GB/day).

Because some storage space is used for formatting the card, a 32GB microSD card will store approximately 2 days of HD video or 7-8 days of SD video. Your WyzeCam will overwrite the oldest footage when it runs out of room on the microSD card

  1. No. Viewing your cam doesn’t store it.

See this on the FAQ page:

When does the WyzeCam automatically record video?
Your WyzeCam has the ability to automatically record a 10-15 second alert video when it detects motion, sound, or CO monitor and smoke alarm sirens. Alert videos are automatically stored in the AWS cloud via end-to-end encryption and can be viewed for up to 14 days in the Notifications tab of the Wyze app. After 14 days, alert videos are deleted and cannot be recovered. Since alert videos are stored in the AWS cloud, they will be available for the full 14 days after the video was captured, even if your WyzeCam is lost or damaged.

Alert videos can be saved or shared by tapping the Share button in an individual alert video. They can be deleted by tapping the Delete button on the same page.

You can turn on/off the recording of each type of alert video independently:

In the Devices tab, tap the camera for which you would like to change the alert video settings. Tap the Settings icon in the upper right corner.

Under Alert Settings, toggle each option on/off (Motion detection, Sound detection, Smoke detection, CO detection). When motion detection and sound detection are turned on, you can select the level of sensitivity that will trigger an alert video.

  1. Yes.

See this on the FAQ page:

How do you make sure my personal data and video stream are secure?
We take our customers’ data safety very seriously. The communication between your mobile device, the Wyzecam, and the AWS Cloud Server are made via https (Transport Layer Security (TLS)). We used symmetric and asymmetric encryption, hashing and other ways to make sure users’ information cannot be stolen. Each camera has its own secret key and certificate so that we can validate its identity during handshake. The contents are encrypted via AES 128-bit encryption to protect the data. Even if a hacker intercepts the data package, the data cannot be decrypted

How long does it record to the SD card when set to Record Events Only?

What determines the length of the recording on the SD when set to Record Events Only? Is it the length of the motion event, like someone coming to the door to make a delivery and leaving?

Mine is only recording 12 seconds to the SD card when it detects motion, like coming to the door, not the entire event, when the person leaves.

Yes this product has severe limitations - almost might as well consider it a hack.

The fact that you can use your own SD card which does not stream to any cloud storage, and still can only catch 12 second clips segments - missing up to 5 minutes in between of the captures.

I assume it something with the weakness in the buffer size.

This camera should be for entertainment purposes only otherwise it’s a waste of money

Using 32 gb micro as card - formatted by Wyze cam v2 in FAT32 format - running IOS with Wyzeapp version 1.3.152 / IOS 11.4

Update this is still happening - it appears the camera is still trying store in cloud even though I have it writing to local micro SD card.

I use this 64 GB card and it formats and works great. Not sure why!

It records to SD as long as there is motion, splitting the files into 1 minute pieces. I have several recordings that are 5-10 minutes long (in 1-minute chunks) when there is continual motion. Even if motion stops, it looks like it will always record at least one minute. I haven’t seen this specified, but all of the recordings I’ve looked at are exactly one minute long.

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I use a 128G card. Works ok

ditto. ~117 formatted

I’m using 4gb sd cards and not having an issue.

My 128GB SD card only stays connected about an hour or so. I have 3 of them setup and all loose the card after a few. Physically Click card out and back in and it will work again for an hour or so.

I will add that card was formated on PC with exFAT. As far as sharing a cloud video or notification video it will not let me send thru MMS on Verizon. Notification Video is not to big as I made a MMS video full length and it was larger than the 12sec notification video from cloud.

Also if I view a notification video from the cloud it saves it to my phone.

My suggestion would be to have “motion triggered events” not upload to the cloud but rather store on the Micro SD if one is installed. Then allow longer than 12 sec for recording. I had several events that stopped just short of the critical moment. I understand about the full video in on Playback but that is far from convenient to save that video. Using the Share function from motion triggered videos is much simpler.

One of the biggest limitation the camera has is some owners inability to figure out how it is supposed to work, for those of us who have figured out how the camera works it still has some limitations but not critical considering it only costs $19.99

Yes my camera writes to the cloud 12 seconds if I have the alerts (Motion, Sound, Smoke, CO) set to ON and writes to the card the full event as long as there is motion or the triggering event is still active.

If I have the alerts (Motion, Sound, Smoke, CO) set to OFF then nothing is sent to the cloud but my card will record the event as long as there is motion.

I just finished extracting from the card an 11 minutes event that happen in front of the camera while the alerts was turned OFF


Best $20 expended in 2018


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