How many days does complete motion capture save to microSD card

I have set my Wyze Advanced Settings, Local*Storage to Continuous Recording. Today is July 11 and I wanted to look at something from July 4 and it isn’t there. How many days of Continuous Recording does a 32 GB card store? When it fills up, do the oldest recordings just drop off the card? Is there a part of the cared that is dedicated to storing Continuous Recordings vs. 12-second Event recordings?

The 12 second recordings are stored in the cloud, and operate independantly of the local storage (SD card storage). How much is saved on the card is dependant on your settings (SD? HD?).

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When your card fills up with locally saved footage (check advanced settings/local storage and set to continuous or event only), the oldest file gets written over first. The local storage event recording is different that the 12 sec cloud recording, where locally the full minute (starting at the previous top of the minute, :00 thru :59) where an event is detected will save to the card. If the event goes into the next minute, that full.minute will be saved too.


You might consider the Complete Motion Capture service for a buck and a half per month. Records as long as there is motion and remains in the cloud for 14 days. Recordings are safe if your cam is stolen or vandalized.


Price is right too, however, I would consider either a 64 or even 128 sd card… I know Wyze doesn’t support them but people have used them with good results… Buyer be ware, get good quality cards recommended for video recording.

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Personally, I have not seen enough difference between Standard and HD recordings to warrant the use of HD recording. In “my” opinion, all Wyze cam photos and videos appear more like they were shot in 720p. I don’t care about the pixel count definition.

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Yup, to each their own…

Depends a lot on how much is changing in the image. I have 64GB cards in all of my cameras and they are all set to continuous recording. I did not look at all 19 of them, but of my sample of about a half dozen, it varied from 6 to 10 days (mostly closer to the lower of those).