MicroSD card usage in Wyze V3


If I place a 32 GB microSD card in my Wyze V3 and set to record motions only, can I record all motions without the 5 minute cold down? If I set it to record continuously will this avoid the 5 minute cold down? How long can a 32 GB SD card record if I set it to record continuously?

Thanks for all recommendations.

A local uSD card totally eliminates the 5 minute cooldown when viewing playback from the uSD card (has no effect on cloud recordings). If you are set to events only, any minute that has motion will be recorded to the uSD card. If set for continuous (as I do), a 32GB card will last 2 - 5 days depending on recording quality and how much the image changes.

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Yes, but you are still dependent on a movement threshold with Events Only recording, and it isn’t the one you set for cloud recordings. Some think it is 50% on that scale. So you might miss something, and you don’t get notified of any recordings.

Yes. Continuous Recording is the preferred way to go IMO. Say you wanted to know when a car appeared in front of your house. May be too far away to trigger anything. But continuous recording would capture it. Then it would just be a matter of calling up Playback below the live feed window, and dialing back the timeline until the car disappears. Then expand the timeline with a reverse pinch, and move forward until the car appears. Then you might even see if someone got out and where they went. :slight_smile:

There is also a Playback button on cloud events. So if something is captured there, just press that button and it will go to the exact same time on your SD card, and play you as much of the event as you want to see! :slight_smile:

2-3 days for HD, 7-8 days for SD. I use mine in HD mode, and rarely ever want to go back beyond yesterday.


I would recommend a high endurance card. That will help you out in avoiding future issues with the card itself. And one very important thing to remember is yes the card will avoid the cooldown but it will not avoid the cooldown for notifications. Your notifications are tied directly to your event cloud recordings. The only way to get rid of the cool Downs on the notifications are to get Cam Plus. Hope that helps in some small way for some clarification

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It will loop so continuously record forever. As others have noted, the content will be about 48 hours minimum

After a few months, similar to running dash cameras on vehicles driven all day, you may have the card freeze up and require reformatting

Thanks so much for the excellent responses. These responses have encouraged me to set up another V3 in my house with a micro SD card.
I do have 2 other questions. I understand that Wyze wants us to use a 32 GB SD card. Can I use a micro SD card with a bigger capacity such as 64 or 256 GB? Are these not compatible with Wyze cameras, won’t work or harmful to the camera?
Also can I download the footage from the micro SD card direct to the phone album?

People have used larger ones, Wyze only will support up to 32GB and I have run into issues trying to manually install firmware with larger cards but some have found a way to do it.

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Wyze supports up to 32 GB. You may be successful with cards over that, however.

If you are talking about saving a clip, then yes. Say someone approached your house and did something outside the 12 seconds of the live clip. Then the 12-second clip wouldn’t have captured it, but the SD card would have. Just use the 12-second clip’s Playback button to jump to the exact same time on the SD card, then press the Record button. Press Stop when you are done, and the longer clip will be saved to your device. :slight_smile:

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I am using 64GB High Endurance uSD cards in all 30 of my operational Wyze cameras. They work fine I did a quick test with a 128GB card and it worked fine. It has been reported her that people are using larger cards.
You do have to use a smaller card for flashing. I have an old 2GB card I use for that purpose.

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Thanks K6CCC. What do you mean by flashing?

Chung Yuan Mui

I put a 64g card in my V3 and formatted it through the Wyze App while in the camera. It works fine and the full capacity is available

K6CCC reference to flashing was adding new firmware via the manual method.

Thank you Antonius for answering Chung’s question about flashing…

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