Do I have to use the wyze micro SD card

Do I have to use the wyze micro SD card in my cameras

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The answer is no, you can use any Micro SD Card as long as its performance is appropriate. Some cameras will accept 256 and others will accept less.

I have used these before: SAMSUNG PRO Endurance 128GB MicroSDXC Memory Card with Adapter for Dash Cam, Body Cam, and security camera – Class 10, U3, V30 (‎MB-MJ128KA/AM) : Everything Else


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Make sure to get High Endurance cards. They are designed for the high write cycle operation that a camera does. Standard cards generally will not last long in cameras. SanDisk will not warrantee standard cards when used in cameras.
I don’t know about the current ones that Wyze sells, but at least with the early ones, they were NOT HE cards and did not last (many reports on the forum about that). The two Wyze cards that I bought years ago did not last three months.


I have used these SanDisk Ultras in almost every Wyze Camera model for the last several years and they’ve been good for me:
They are basically the equivalent of the Wyze Brand SD Cards. They aren’t “High Endurance” but out of over 40 cameras doing continuous recording to the SD cards 24/7, several of them since early 2020, I’ve only ever had 1 that I think might have died on me…and I’m not even sure if it really did. I just took it out and replaced it, but haven’t run tests on it yet. It might actually still be working fine, or just have a sector or two that I need to scan disk and “repair” to skip that sector.

I’ve started using these Samsung 256GB cards for the 2K cameras more recently:

I’ve also tried some high-endurance cards. Mostly these ones:

I have also used some Wyze-branded SD cards without any problems.

All of the above have worked great for me at least, but I know a lot of people that swear by the High Endurance cards making a huge difference, even though it hasn’t been noticeable to me, personally…but as K6CCC mentioned, most companies won’t cover a warranty replacement on any cards used in a security camera if they aren’t labeled as “High Endurance” cards. Though, High endurance cards usually have a shorter warranty period than other cards, often 1, 3, or 5 years max.

If you buy really cheap cards off Groupon, or from China, just know they are likely scams and either are lying about their size, who the brand really is, or will simply stop working really soon. For SD cards it’s best to get them directly from a trusted brand, and High Endurance is highly recommended for constant recording, but some people like me have had good success without High Endurance, just know that you’re more likely to have problems if you take that chance.

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Just to make sure we are answering the right question…

Are you asking if you have to use the Wyze brand of SD card in you camera?

Or are you asking if you have to use an SD card in the camera for it to work?

You don’t need to use an SD card in your camera, but it is preferred. Without – cloud clips only. With, you can record EVERYTHING. Believe me, that is valuable, x100!

Is it necessary to use Wyze-named cards? No, use anything, but endurance is preferred.