Wyze cam v2 stops continuous recording to SD card

For the last few weeks my wyze cam v2 which is set to continuous recording on the SD card, stops recording. I’ve reset the camera, formatted the SD card, and it still will record for a few hours or days and then just stop for no apparent reason. This didn’t start happening until recently. The SD card seems to be fine. I’m baffled as to what to do or why it is now doing this?


I have 2 cams that have stopped recognizing SD card too. I’ve gone through the suggested resets and no change. The SD cards work because I’ve tried them in a different device. Both cards are wyze SD and have been formatted properly. I’ve sent in a log report several days ago but haven’t heard from Wyze. Maybe @WyzeGwendolyn can help?

Did you contact support and open a support ticket. Logs go to the developers and usually you will not get a response on a log.

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No, I have not gone that route…I thought the log entry did the same alert only with added info from the device. I will contact support in addition, thank you

I had issues with my v2 and v3 cams not recording properly to my SD cards. I bought a pack of 32GB SD cards from Amazon, and I had issues with all of them in all the cameras.

It thought it was the camera. Even the ongoing updates to fix said SD card issues, never fixed mine. It would take 2-3 reboots of the camera to get it to recognize the SD card, and then it would work for days, but if I dare accessed the ‘view playback’ feature, it would almost always stop recording after viewing the playback and I’d have to go through the 2-3 reboot cycle.

Tired of 32GB of storage, I bought SANS 128GB SD cards for my (2) v3 cams. Since installing those, not only did the camera work faster (using playback, etc) but I haven’t had a single issue.

It was never the Cam, it was always the SD card. By a good quality SD card (SANS) for a little extra money and you will solve your problems.

How did you manage to get an SSD hooked up to the Wyze cam? Playback is very slow and frustrating so would love something that makes it a bit more tolerable. Would think the SSD should be more long term reliable too.

I ended up doing a complete full re-format on the micro SD and it’s not been dropping out so far. So it might have been some corruption on the card itself. I’m hesitant to claim victory just yet though.

Sorry, I mean’t SD card, not SSD. I corrected my post.

The ONLY cards (except the Wyze branded card) warrantied for use in these cams are cards labeled “high endurance” (from ANY manufacturer). I switched to “high endurance” cards for my 6 wyzecams several years ago… and have had 0 problems since.

The “high endurance” cards cost only marginally more than the ordinary cards.

I installed the 128GB SanDisk Ultra microSDXC UHS-I Card (up to 120MB/s) and they have been working great.

I have 4 V2 cams that use SANS or Samsung SD cards and never have an issue. Today I got my 5th V2 cam and nothing but problems. But not finding out it is the Wyze SD card. So I switched SD cards with a camera that has been working fine and sure enough it is the Wyze SD card as it is now causing issues with my good cam.

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Thanks for clarifying. I was getting my hopes up. I’ve got an extra SSD lying around waiting for a use.

Are they using the whole 128GB?

Best I can tell most of the cams are limited to 32GB.

This has also been happening to me for over a year. I have submitted multiple support tickets, followed all instructions, and it continually happens to me. I’m going to try switching off the Wyze cam card to a different brand. I only stuck with the Wyze brand SD card because Wyze support kept telling me the problem was the camera and I should only use Wyze cards with the camera… but at this point the cameras are pointless if they can’t playback critical moments, so I’m going to try the switch and hope it helps.


My experience with Wyze sd cards was not good. I have 5 cams and use all SanDisk with zero issues.

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Sounds like your Wyze support agent needs more training. Lol

Trust me. I have experienced this same issue a couple years ago and it was definitely the Wyze microSD cards that was causing the problem. I switched to Samsung Pro Endurance 32 GB cards, and I haven’t had a problem since. These are only $8.99 for a much better card.

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Hi, is anybody else very recently having the problem where the V2 Cam stops local continuous recording when the SD card gets full? I seem to have suddenly lost the ‘Rolling feature’ on BOTH my V2 cams.

Both cams appear to be running the latest firmware (, and I’ve tried formatting the cards and restarting each cam. They then record locally just fine until the card fills again (green SD bar fills). After full, each cam only records Events to the cloud even though it’s still appears to be set for local continuous recording.

I’ve been using the same Pioneer 32GB SD cards in both cams successfully with no issues since I purchased the cams just over a year ago. Seems too coincidental that BOTH cams would suddenly start having this same Rolling issue at the same time. Could it be an issue with a recent firmware update? Thanks

Well, the SD card Rolling feature is now working again for local recording on both my V2 cams. Same cam firmware version, so not exactly sure what fixed it …

Each cam started randomly showing Offline as well. Could still Live stream & Event record, but could not remotely restart, format, etc while offline,

I power-cycled my modem/router for the Offline issue. Then power-cycled each cam again (left each unplugged for 10-minutes or so this time). Anyway, everything seems to be functioning properly after that.

From my experience, the Wyze branded cards are crap. None lasted more than a few months. I use nothing but SanDisk High Endurance cards and with 34 cameras all set to continuous recording with 64GB cards, the failure rate is really low.

The official Wyze Spec has been 32GB, but all of my cameras use larger cards. I did test one of the 128GB cards that I normally use with my drone in a couple Wyze cameras and they worked just fine.

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