Wyze v2 stops recording continuous


My Wyze Cam v2 stops continuous recording after a fews days. It is running firmware It is mounted outside under the last part of the roof. I don’t run it in winter, just in the spring and fall. I changed the sd card a few weeks ago and I have the same problem. I always have high endurance sd cards in the cams. This is one is 64Gb.

It is possible because it is facing the street and a lot of cars are detected?

Many thanks,

No. Events have no effect on continuous recording.

Have you tried formatting both SD cards in a computer doing a full not quick format?

I will try to format on a computer using the full format, just need to climb up there.


A full format should be a waste of time here since you switched out the sd cards and its multiple anyways. They’d all have to have the same issue of that and that’s so terribly unlikely.

I tried a full format and like said previously, It did noting. I took out from outside and I noticed It is very hot compared to my other ones. It records for two hours continuously and then stops recording.

I’ve had the same problem for years now. Some of my cams have never recorded a single thing. Unfortunately waze support is pretty useless.