Cameras stopped recording to SD cards.. (V2 and V3)

Has anyone else experienced this:
After one of the upgrades on all my V2 / V3 Cameras (I have 6 total with 32GB SD cards).
I am getting notifications of events, when I go to Playback there is no video recorded at all on the SD card.
I’ve changed the setting to continuous recording instead of only events and checked back a few hours later to see if anything recorded and NOPE – no video.
Also formatted all the SD cards via the camera options and they show FULL. Still no video is recording to the SD cards.

I believe one of the “UPGRADES” to the codes cameras caused this.

Seems like WYZE is forcing the users to sign up for their cloud services.

Anyone else have this issue…

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I don’t have the issue on any of my five cameras and all are on Cam Plus Lite. I doubt Wyze is forcing anything on anyone.

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Try power cycling them. Unplug then for 30 seconds or so and then plug them back in. That seems to habe helped others with similar issues reported recently.


Did the power recycle on the V3 last night.
Set camera to continuous record with the SD card installed and formatted.
This morning no video was captured on the SD card.
Note this happens on the V2 cameras also, apparently non of my cameras can capture anything on the SD cards.

anyone have any suggestions…
I just bought 2 V3 cameras hoping that the bug / problem was with the V2 and planned on swapping out the V2’s for V3’s .
I may have to start looking at other vendors since WYZE can’t seem to fix this…

Have you reached out to customer service?

hey, i have this issue on one of my V3 cams, there is some discussion in a separate forum on here about this same issue.

It turns out, the issue was related to settings in his/her router. It’s worth checking the settings on your router, in case that is the issue.

interesting, I’ll look, but only one of my V3’s is doing this. and they are all on my main network. I have a linksys MR9600 for my main router and 2 MR7300’s for extra nodes set up as a mesh. Not rolling them out as the problem area though.

As I said, the issue with this person’s problem was his router settings. The reason I brought it up is that most of the time people ignore their routers and blame everything to the cameras. Not saying that the cameras are not to blame, just sometimes it’s worth evaluating all the possibilities.

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I’ll look into the router settings.
Why would the router settings cause the camera to not record to the SD card?

Don’t know. Check the thread, that might explain it. I was just pointing out what @midnight_jeep97 had linked to.

I’m a bit confused. It appears my Wyze Cam V2s and V3s (not Pan) have the opposite behavior here. Last night at around 8:12pm EST all my cameras simultaneously stopped recording to SD. I’m not sure what caused it as there was no power outage. I submitted log 907696 for this.

The OG recovered and the SD recording showed it skipped about 15 seconds. The rest remained electronically turned off. I didn’t notice this until about 10pm and the cameras all resumed continuous recording to SD when I turned them back on via the power icon on the live screen, but between 8-10pm there was nothing recorded on them. Since I was in the house and there was no power outage, there was power going to all cameras during this blank period, but nothing was recorded even though it was set to record to SD.

The funny thing is one of the V2s was doing a motion detection event recording at the time, so I have the event recording that went on a couple seconds beyond what the SD recording could.

About a couple months ago I did have a short power outage, and during that time the V2 recovered beautifully, came back on and continued recording with just a couple minutes of gap in the SD recording.

My post was merged here although my issue might be a bit different. I always had no problems with continuous recording to SD (32 & 64 GB) on my Wyze Cam V2s and V3s.

However, I had a mysterious incident last night where all of my cameras abruptly stopped functioning at around the same time. I had power outage before and my V2 would recover without problems. This time my V2s and V3s were electronically turned off.

I happened to need to upgrade my router’s firmware tonight, and during the 7 min update (i.e. no internet for all Cams) they all continued recording to SD.

I’ve heard people mention something about Asus router’s Airtime Fairness and confirmed mine is disabled per Wyze recommendation, and I don’t have my Cams on a guest/separate network. I don’t think WiFi is the culprit in my case, but it may very well be for others.