None of my 6 Cam 3s are recording to SD card and no events recorded all day today

For some reason all 6 Cam 3s have decided not to record to the SD card and also not to record events for all of today 1-11-2023.

There was no firmware upgrade so not sure what happened.

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I have this same issue on one of my V3’s. have posted in this forum about it.

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Yes, very strange indeed… did yours also lose events for the day?

Looks like all mine stopped recording events a little after 2:00 yesterday afternoon

For what it’s worth, I just check most of my V3 cameras and other than the 3 brand new ones that don’t have uSD cards yet, they all have recordings for the samples I scrolled to yesterday and today. My cameras are all set to continuous recording.

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Thank you for checking. Mine are also set to continues recording. Looks like a chat with Tech support tomorrow… :face_with_head_bandage:

All my five cameras are recording continuosly as well.

My new pan3 isnt recording to sdcard, just opened a ticket after
Chatting with support.

Let me check my other cams

Just got this update

“Thanks for this information. Our developers are now aware and actively investigating on this issue. We’re so sorry for the inconvenience. We couldn’t provide a timeframe for the fix, I’m afraid. Currently, the fix is being tested before launch to ensure there are no other issues.”

Any updates on when the pan3 not recording to sd fix will be released? No recordings is kinda a big problem for cams.

no it seams that everything else is working. this cam also has cam+ on it. cloud seams to be working. except for the skip 5 seconds into the clip, but this happens on all my cams. this is in a different forum on here.

I was able to fix my Cam 3 issues. It had (has) something to do with the “Access Intranet” setting on my Asus router. I have all my IoT devices on a guest network and I of course disable “Access Intranet” but for some reason after a power outage they do not seem to like that setting and stop recording to the SD card (which is very strange) and also not events are logged. So, I had to enable “Access Intranet” and then I made sure all 6 cameras were working correctly and then I disabled “Access Intranet” again and they all are still working. So, I am going to have to keep a close eye on this for a while and maybe rollback the firmware on the Asus router to see if it is some sort of bug in the router.

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