Sd card not recognized in 2 cams

My SD cards stopped working in One of my pan cams, and a cam V3 within days of each other. I removed the SD cards and put them in some of my other cameras and the SD cards work fine. I also tried putting new SD cards in the cameras that were not working with the SD card and they still wouldn’t work. So SD card is fine, it’s the cameras that have stopped recognizing them. I’ve turned the cameras on, off and restarted them and unplugged them. Nothing seems to help. It is strange that this happened to two of my cameras within a few days.

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Try reformatting them either in the cam or a PC/Mac.

I just noticed that I have this same issue on one of my V3’s. restart and or power cycle. it works for about hour then stops recording to the card. in settings it appears that it has card installed but when try to playback there is nothing there. I reformatted the card through the app with the card in the cam. it recorded for almost a day then back to nothing. this cam is not easy to get to, so I haven’t tried removing the SD card yet. will try and grab a log number from it. i just restarted it so ill look in a bit and submit a log if it stops recording.

Same here….SD cards not recognized….tried every trick….also lost 12-second videos. Wyze is feeling scam -ish lately. Any advice?

That might be Wyze server related, not sure about SD card issue though. For the last hour or so, Wyze web site and anything related to their servers feels a bit sluggish.

Thank you! I’ll try re-setting one more time before calling in again. Appreciate it!

ok just checked this cam after resetting in app earlier. it recorded to the sd card for 5 min. then nothing. after the reboot. log# 887972 just submitted.

Hi….I have 9 cameras…which one did you check?
Thank you