Pan Cam v3 no longer recording events

My 6 month old pan cam v3 just stopped recording events about a week ago. Prior to that it was recording 100+ events daily. Nothing has changed in the settings. I tried re-starting the camera multiple times to no avail and tried resetting services which also didn’t help. I can view the camera live with no problems. I walked out by the camera and it follows me around but does not record. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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Recording to a local uSD card or cloud events?


I have a new battery cam pro, a pan cam, and an older v2 camera. The only one that will record to an SD card now is the v2 camera that hasn’t had its firmware updated. I never had an issue with my pan cam but noticed it stopped when trying to get my battery cam to work.

One of my V3 Pan cameras has largely stopped recording to the uSD card as well. It’s at a location were it seldom gets any motion events, but I checked and it did get two motion events overnight via CamPlus, so mine is different from yours in that it’s only failing to record to the uSD card. I had already planning on swapping it out with a different V3 Pan (black vs white), next time I get up to that radio site. Once I have my hands on it, I will try to see what’s failing. That cameras has also reported that the cover for the uSD card slot is not fully closed. Might be related.