Cam pan v3 sd card event viewing issue

I recorded video on a v3 pan cam sd card before connecting it to my iPhone app/wifi. The video clips and event files recorded to the SD card with the wrong date however I can view the video files but not the events. Is there anyone that can fix this (I can compensate)?

A little more clarification on what you did and what does or does not work. The way I’m reading it, will largely not work.
From what I gather, the camera was powered up without a network connection - or more likely a network connection that did not last long enough to get a time. When the camera powers up, it is about as smart as a rock until it is able to check in with the Wyze servers and get it’s configuration. It will shortly thereafter check in with a time server to get current time. Until it gets a time correction, the only way that it knows anything about time is based on the last file date on the uSD card or is non-volatile memory.
Once the camera has gotten it’s configuration from the Wyze servers, it can (if configured) record to a uSD card (if installed). If the camera does not have internet, it has no ability to upload event to the cloud, but can record to the uSD card.


Thanks for the response.
Basically the camera was started without network and saved the files to the SD card with an incorrect date/time stamp. However the events it recorded on the sd card were given a separate date/time making it unable for me to review the events from the SD card. I can still view the video footage individually and can open the “.event” files on the sd card but the video has date stamp of 12/12/2022 while the event file has 04/03/2023…

Please confirm that the camera was powered up without network and is doing ANYTHING? If so, that is a MASSIVE change. For years, all the Wyze cameras (except the WCO - I think) are brain dead until they are able to check in with the Wyze servers.

Likely a function of different parts of the software TRYING to come up with time when there is no time set.

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I purchased a refurbished camera however did not connect it to any network myself. I inserted the SD card and plugged it in. The following day I connected to the app/network and reviewed the SD card had files from the day before however it saved it under the wrong date/time. The problem is that the events it recorded in the events folder has a completely different date/time stamp than the videos themselves.

Still a bit confused about what you’re saying. Let me see if I have this right.

You obtained this camera, never set it up, so it was not attached to your Wyze account, and was not connected to any WiFi network. If that is correct, and it recorded at all, as I said before, that is a MASSIVE change. We have not been able to record to the uSD card without the camera connecting to the Internet after it was powered up for the past several years (intentionally).

Do I gather that the next day, you did the setup procedure to add the camera to your Wyze account - which also connects the camera to your WiFi?

The fact that the times are off is DIRECTLY related to not connecting to the Internet after it powered up. The cameras do not have any sort of real time clock, so after they power up, they have no correct way of knowing the correct time. As I said before, the cameras make use of file creating dates on the uSD card (if present) to try to guess at the time. That will never be right. If there is no uSD card, I have no idea what time it uses. As I said before, my guess is that event times are using some other time reference for that guess than the videos themselves. Let the camera connect to the Internet and get a time reference, and that problem will solve it self.

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