Cam Pan V3 does not record events

I’ve had the Cam Pan V3 for barely 6 months and it only recorded events for about the first month. I have submitted several logs and get told it will be forwarded for additional troubleshooting and they will contact me, but no luck and no one else ever reached back out to me. It records on the SD card no issue. Has anyone else experienced this issue? I feel like this is a waste if it won’t record events.

Are you talking about events in the event tab? That’s the cloud storage. You’ll only get thumbnails unless you subscribe to cam plus. But clicking the thumbnail should take you to the recoded event if you’re also recording to sd card.

If you want to see video clips in the events tab a cam plus subscription is required as those are stored on the cloud.

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Did you have a cam plus trial that ran out? Do you only get images now? Do you get anything in the event tab from this camera? Recommend removing all filters so that all events videos are shown. For troubleshooting, turn your cloud recording to all motion. Remove and ai only event anything and make sure your sensitivitys are set to 100 and the detection zone in disabled or your allowing the whole image for troubleshooting.

Are you recording events only to the SD card or continuous?

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I have annual cam plus for all of my cameras. This is the only camera that does not record events. This camera does not show up in the events tab. I have tried removing all filters and setting them up again and have all motion set up.

Did you ever get a resolution to this? I have one that is doing this exact same thing. I have done everything except pull out ladder to climb up to it to reset it back to factory to see if that fixes it.

Unfortunately, no. I have had to reset my camera multiple times this post to keep it working.

After asking you this, I realized the one thing I didn’t do that I tried was the ol unplug and plug back in which fixed my issue thankfully. Didn’t really want to drag out ladder to try the whole reset procedure.

Did any of you get a resolution on this issue? I’m having the same exact issue with one of my cameras. Will record on SD card but will not trigger an event & subsequent notification. At one point, seemed like the SD card wasn’t working either & would give me a “No video selected at this time” message with no recordings on SD Card. Set up another camera & SD card but having the no event issue.