Pan Cam V3 only recording 12 sec videos

I subscribe to unlimited CamPlus for my cameras. Finally testing out new V3 Pan camera in a room with my pets and I going in and out of the room. It only records 12 second videos and doesn’t show all in the recent events. I have an SD card recording continuously but it’s not easy to navigate and even worse that not all events are identified in the SD card view. Not sure what I am missing here. Should it not record the duration of the event?

UPDATE: After midnight it started to record full events! :flushed:

Mine usually cuts out part way through an event. I’ve seen it record for as long as 20 seconds, but this is few and far between. Motion is almost always still in the scene when it stops recording.

I have my suspicions that this is because it’s motion detecting abilities are glitchy and fail in comparison to the static V3, which I’ve seen record for as long as 96 seconds or as long as there’s motion.

This camera was not ready to be released.

Thanks for confirming what I was also wondering… that the camera has issues. Hope they can correct them soon… currently not happy with it. Love the standard V3 cams!

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You could try raising the sensitivity in the cams detection settings, if the camera thinks motion has stopped it will stop recording

Mine is maxed out at 100%. It still misses motion that occurs 15’ in front of the camera.