V3 Pan - Things I'm Noticing

I’ve had the V3 Pan for a few days now and compared to my static V3s the pan only seems to record for an average of 14 seconds while the static V3s record for as long as there’s motion. Also while the entire frame is used for detection it often misses motion even when the motion detection sensitivity is set to 100% and it’s set to record ALL motion events.

Motion control is jumpy even when set to 1 out of 9 for rotate speed. Very difficult to get it centered on the middle of my yard despite being mounted on the middle of the front wall.

Detection squares seem laggy. A vehicle can drive through half the frame and the detection square will only show after it’s left the frame. Sometimes they’re not even over the vehicle and will instead show over my empty front yard.

This is only what I’ve noticed so far. Wyze clearly has many bugs to iron out.

Whyze releases products well before getting the software / firmware working, they’ve done that for many years…

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