Wyze cam pan Pan Scan and Tracking speed

It would be nice if the wyze cam pan actually pan scanned at a slow speed. When I set my pan speed settings to 2, I would have thought it would pan slowly to the next section I set in my settings but instead it quickly pans. If this could be implemented, it would look smoother and I can set more areas for it to scan to. What do you guys think?

I have been told that the current speed control slider in my Android app only affects the speed of panning manually. I think it should control all pan motion. Right now it moves so fast when trying to track motion that it way over corrects. I currently have the slider set to a slowest position and it still moves way too fast. I’ve tried restarting the camera and the app and neither has helped.


I have 3 CAMv2 and just set up my first PAN CAM which is located at the entry of my house. The pan tilt is very cool but when approaching the camera it does seem to kind of freak out and over correct which is a bit obnoxious and draws attention to itself. I too would like if this could be slower. Please consider this request WYZE Engineers and thank you for these amazing products :slight_smile:


I second this

Bought the Pan Cam for the motion tracking feature but had to turn it off due to how the camera spins back and forth as others have noted. Hope to see this fixed soon.

Please, oh please slow down the motion tracking pan speed.

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It’s hard to capture a face when the camera shoots left, but keeping the subject in the right of the frame, then shoots right, but keeps the subject to the left of the frame, and shoots back left again, etc.

I agree, even with the Cam Pan 3 the slowest speed is not slow enough, and detections are missed, because of this the pan continues and misses the event occurring. We’ve seen this on all the outdoor cams. We got these cams because of the pan option, but disappointed in the reality of how it works. Which means turning off pan scan to get the desired results, which limits the area that a single camera can cover.