Motion tracking speed

My first time posting so please forgive if this is not the right place. I love my new Wize Cam Pan, great feature set and price.

The motion detection is awesome, but the motion tracking speed where it rotates the camera is a bit too fast and a little noisy . I suggest reducing the speed to that of the pan-scan feature which is smooth and silent

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If you go to the advanced section of the setup, you can adjust the speed of the scan. Unfortunately there is still a very noticeable noise associated with the scanning

The “Motor Contols” setting seems to not apply to the “Motion Tracking” speed, only manual movement or pan*

When new motion is detected it would be nice to move at a slower speed… right now it jumps around a bit


On the APP, select the GEAR at the top right, then select ADVANCED SETTINGS, then select Motor controls, then select Rotation to SLOW

Thanks… I have done that it does affect the pan speed, but not the speed when using “motion tracking”. It literally jumps from one position to another when I’m sitting there only moving a little bit.

I’d like to have a nice slow, smooth motion between object detections



Can confirm the same issue. If it notices something on the left or right third, it starts bouncing back and forth in a non-stop loop because it is auto-tracking too fast. Highly frustrating.


Agreed motion tracking needs to chill out a bit.

Same problem here. What i have noticed is that, the closer the object is to the camera the more the camera overshoots from one corner to other rapidly. If the object is father away then it does not overshoot so drastically.

I hope Wyze fixes this soon. This overshoot issue defeats the purpose by creating these rapid movements which prevents observing the scene for finer details hence diminishing the usefulness of the motion tracking feature.

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