Motion Tracking over shoot its panning

I have Motion Tracking and Tagging set up and to On. Often time when I walked into the targeted zone, the camera will pan-follow me but it would also often time over shoot itself and turn all the way to its back where the USB cable is. The cam is rude when doing that as turning its back on me. But yes, after a few seconds, it will calm down and look at me again. Is my Cam Pan temperamental or just a bug?

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I have the same problem. It does it all the time. Hoping for a solution.

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Same here. Camera will detect me and then turn around the other side (shy??)

I kind of wonder if its tilting would also overshoot… kind of hard to test that unless I could fly. (Yeah, I know I can just lay down the Pan, but I don’t want to because it’s against the law of nature).

Ditto plus it almost vibrated itself off the shelf this weekend. I noticed it when it was about to fall.

The Motion Tracking does jerk its swivel table off the original positioning a little over time. I am thinking to just apply double-sided tape on the bottom or mount it on the wall.

I have two PanCams and also getting the “overshoot” and the “Cold Shoulder” routine where the cameras pivot backwards towards the wall and stay pointed there so it no longer can detect motion and track. Makes the camera unusable.

Anyone have a Wyze response to this or should I request an RMA?



I’m waiting to hear back concerning this issue otherwise I’ll be requesting an RMA for a refund.

Perhaps Wyze’s manufacturing contractor found a reuse for all those reject “dirty” CMOS Sensors from the initial V2 start of production.


Wyze: Speak up! This is a serious concern. Give us some feedback!!!

I also have the same issue. Wyze, you must have known about this issue prior to releasing the camera, so why release an unfinished product? This is a major issue to a major feature, so I’d of thought a software update to correct it would have been out already.

Wyze’s silence on this issue is the MOST concerning issue. I have lost trust in this company.

I also have this problem. Guess I’ll join in with the rest of the crowd awaiting an answer…

Since Wyze is NOT responding for my request for help or for the RMA I requested for the PanCams, I’m Disputing the charge with AmEx and requesting a refund.

Has anyone tried to call them to their support number?

Wyze released a FW update for the Cam Pan. If it doesn’t completely fix the over shooting issue, I think it would make the camera less shy and retrieve to the proper position faster. Make sure you power cycle the camera after the FW update. Meanwhile, I am still trying to duplicate the previous cold shouldering behavior.

The FW Update did not work for my two cams. In fact, it might be worse and I’m still getting the “Cold Shoulder”.

Anybody have success with the FW Update?

Just got a replacement Pan, and I’m still having the same overshoot and cold shoulder problems. Both were/are running the latest firmware with both the latest official and beta apps tried.

This is a serious fundamental problem for the top selling feature of these cameras.

Just adding to this thread that I’m having the exact same issue since day one (2 months)… with over-panning to face backwards for several seconds until the pan resets itself to face front and resumes normal panning. Over-panning will happen again, depending on what moves in front of the camera. Seems to do this when something moves quickly as it follows and pans normally for a few seconds, then spins to face backwards and stops for several more seconds.

I’ve opened a Support Ticket on this issue several weeks ago (Ticket #55144) and their response was to update firmware(!).

Hoping Wyze will acknowledge this bug soon and issue a fix. I’m really loving this camera, considering its features and price-point. But the over-panning issue can be a serious problem if (heaven forbid), the house gets robbed and the camera faces backwards for the crucial few seconds needed to capture faces.



Hey Wyze why aren’t you responding to us about this issue? This is getting very frustrating, I know it’s only a $30 camera but when a company pops off and makes a feature a selling point, and the feature doesn’t work as advertised this makes me think false advertising and fraud. At the very least a response to their customers would have been nice.

Yes, over shooting here too.