Motion tracking not working



updated to latest firmware , motion tracking not working… ideas?


Dumb question, you do have motion turn on under “More” for your Pan Camera?

I find that motion tracking will frequently overshoot the person its tracking … I have mine set up at the top of the stairs overlooking entryway from a balcony area. As I walk up the stairs it will catch me, start tracking, then overshoot and point in the wrong location. I set the motor speed to slowest setting. Right now, the camera is on a ledge and will be mounting upside down on the ceiling … we’ll see if tracking improves after mounting higher.

motor speed doesn’t seem to make any difference when it comes to motion tracking or pan and scan…at least as far as I’ve been able to tell. Suspect it only applies to manual moves, though I haven’t confirmed this.

Yes, the overshoot is a problem, my camera will often lose what its tracking because it has overshot.

The Dreamer.

hello john, per the earlier comment, did you verify that motion tracking was enabled.

Having the same problem. Motion tracking is overshooting and gets to the point where the camera is facing the wrong direction. I must manually move the camera back around into the correct position to resume functions. Another thing I noticed with this camera, the motion tracking alerts are not very consistent and the sensitivity settings don’t seem to help much. I’m not sure if this is happening in general or only while in motion tracking and pan modes. Hoping the next software update will fix these issues, and soon!


Have you set your way points and defined the area you wish to record? With the latest firmware update, solves some of these issues. As far as notification settings. Having your alert setting set to at least 55-65 this will eliminate of the non notification issue.

I’m also having the same problem… got my cam today, updated to latest firmware. I have motion tracking on. It does a very poor job at tracking. Overshoots constantly, spins totally around. Tried rebooting, deleted then reinstall. Still same result. Any help? Nothing like the video on Wyze cam web site of the dog.

I have 3 of the Pan cams. All setup the same. 1 of the cams is constantly moving. That cam moves back and forth every second or so. Many times it is focused on a blank wall. The other 2 cams seem to work as designed. I have restated and removed and added again to the app. All three have latest firmware. I had this same cam from another maker, but I liked the WYZE App better. the other brand is in the same location but it did not preform this way. Is it defective?

Latest firmware…Same problem.

It is not working. I can read and follow instructions fine. Thank you. Please fix it!

Yes, I’ve tried all settings. Also the latest firmware update did not seem to improve the issues, the camera still overshoots and swings all the way around and gets stuck facing in the wrong direction, until I manually move the camera back around. I will say that I have been VERY happy with the Wyze v2 cameras so I’m sure it’s only a matter of time until you have the new indoor cam working well. Keep up the great work and I look forward to the next firmware release!


Can the Wyze team please help to respond to this issue? I’ve purchased 2 Pans and both overshoot during motion tracking. Right now I’m a 7 cam customer with a mixture of V1, V2 and Pans. I’d like to purchase more Pan’s but am hesitant. Like I commented on the IFTTT issue, it is OK to have a known problem as long as the team is working towards a solution. An update on the issue would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Last night there was a new firmware for the Pan Cams. I installed it, but the issue is still the same. The camera pans about every minute. Often it faces a wall- with no motion at all. I love WYZE, but the other 2 Pan Cams have no issues.

This camera sucks at this time. We just need to pray and wait.

Same exact problem with the two pan cams I have set up. When it detects motion, it seems to go crazy and over shoots the subject by a large margin . If I wait long enough, it will begin tracking but that kind of defeats the purpose. It’s the initial overshoot that is the problem.

I have two PanCams and also getting the “overshoot” and the “Cold Shoulder” routine where the cameras pivot backwards towards the wall and stay pointed there so it no longer can detect motion and track. Makes the camera unusable.

Anyone have a Wyze response to this or should I request an RMA?

@dinom - To clarify, you have 2 Wyze Cam Pans with NO tracking/overshooting/panning issues?

If it’s not a typo, this might suggest that some of them DO work properly and a lot of others are defective - meaning this is not a firmware issue that can be fixed.

Any status on a new firmware update for the indoor cam that will fix these issues?

Correct. I have 3 PAN Cams, 2 are just fine, 1 has the issue will scanning all over the place. All have the most recent Firmware. I had to shut off the trouble cam panning, because it was scanning all the time. The two I have with no issues, work just as designed. Follows me around. When there is no action, they are still.