Cam over rotates and gets stuck recording a wall

I set up my Wyze cam pan near my front door (outside), where it can pan from my front door to the front of my garage which is probably 270 degrees of rotation. Unfortunately, it keeps over-rotating to the point where it is just recording the wall on which it is mounted while the world goes on behind it’s back.

I’ve set the way points to go from end to end of the ~270 degrees to capture the “live” area, but not only does it go beyond as described above, but then the pan-scan stops working altogether, so I have hours and hours of “wall”.

FYI - I have both pan scan and motion detection on. When there’s a breeze and the tree branches are swaying (and their shadows, too) even with the detection settings and pan speed set as low as possible, the cam still seems to kind of freak out and goes from one thing to another. I feel like it finally gives up and just faces the wall out of exhaustion! LOL

Any help/recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

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I had a similar problem, pushed the reset & that cleared it.

Good to know, thanks gemniii. Was that on the phone or on the camera itself? I did it on the phone and within a few minutes it was back to facing the wall again :thinking:

That was on the camera, and before the recent software upgrade.

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