My pan keeps randomly turning to face the wall

I doesn’t happen too often, but every once in a while i’ll look at the cam and it has turned itself 90+ degrees to face the wall. Motion tracking is not on, pan scan is not on. Not a real problem since i can re-orient it easily tgrough the app, just a bit confusing

@sokalkyle That happens to my wyze pan also. I don’t have tracking nor pan scan on either.

I’ve also noticed this on my pan, it’s happened 3 times the last week. tracking and pan scan off. In the middle of the night it decides to stare at the corner like it’s been a bad boy.

Setting a detection zone in the area you want to monitor, or setting one way point for Pan Scan (and turning it on) should keep the camera returning to a specific spot consistently.

Oddly enough after playing with the Pan after it moved again last night I noticed that the “moved to” location is the same as when I click the reset position option, straight and level. Could the camera be rebooting or running the reset position by itself?

Also this has started happening ever since I updated to firmware

edit: oh and this position it moves to is not one of my saved way points.

I highly suspect this is another issue related to problem with the latest Pan firmware. Wyze is currently working on fixing issues with that firmware. Meanwhile, please see this post for a possible resolution to your issue.

Thanks for the reference.

I followed those steps, on it behaved, Within only a few minutes at it moved by itself back to reset position. Definitely something with .50

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Thank you. I have alerted Wyze to this part of the thread.

I have had the same problem thru several firmware releases. It is very frustrating. I have missed some circumstances (horrible neighbor) , I would have liked to capture but the camera was staring at the wall behind it!!


If you run into this problem, please send in a log through Account > Help & Feedback > Report an Issue. We apologize for the trouble and would love to take a look for you!

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Where do I report this problem? I don’t see an accounts area on here. Even after setting waypoints it resets and just stares at the wall. I bought another and think I need to return it since they don’t work.

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Welcome to the community, @jvgator! This is a user to user forum and not the official Wyze support. If you would like to contact an official Wyze Wizard about your issue, please submit a request here.


I’m still waiting for Wyze to release an update to fix this face the wall issue.
I have seen Wyze release quite a few updates already but none has anything to do with this face the wall issue.
I’m quite sure they are aware of this issue as a lot of user have the same issue about this motion tracking.

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I really don’t know why some are experiencing this problem and others are not. I have not had this issue with my Cam Pan. I set one way point and it always returns to its 90 degree position not facing the wall. Wyze does pay attention to issues that are reported. If Support Tickets are not turned in, it’s unlikely the problem will be resolved anytime soon. It’s always better to report the problem than to assume Wyze already knows about it. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I haven’t been using my Pan to really pan, but to see if I could replicate this I turned on motion tracking and set 4 waypoints with Pan Scan on, see if anything messes up.


hi @StopICU33 i have tried setting waypoint setting also. This means the camera would be moving to the set waypoints every 10 seconds defeating the purpose of motion tracking. The main issue of the tracking is the camera overshoots when tracking motion and ends up facing the wall. Motor has been set to the lowest speed already but still have the same problem even with the latest firmware update. :frowning:

Just for information, I believe the motor speed only controls the speed when you are manually panning the camera. The camera when doing motion tracking or pan scan will always got the same speed.

Also what @StopICU33 meant when setting waypoints was to only set one, that way when the camera stopped detecting motion, like when pointed at a wall, it should rotate back to the one waypoint that is set. Motion tracking would still work even with a singular waypoint. The singular waypoint just gives it a place to return to.