Cam Pan Turning

Hi all. I am wondering if anyone can help me figure out why my cam pan is frequently turning. Every hour or so my camera does a 360 turn and the lens moves down, facing the floor, half of the turn, then the lens faces up to the ceiling the other half of the turn. My detection zone it turned off. I’ve done multiple resets on it. Formatted the SD card. I have my waypoint set to one location. Motion tracking and pan scan are both off. My wifi router is close by and I am not having connection issues with it that I can tell. It seems like the camera is resetting itself but it seems to do this hourly.

Please help me figure this out. It’s driving me nuts.

Sounds like it’s restarting. Do you have any rules setup? Are you using a different usb cable or power brick than what came with the camera? Daisy chaining anything?

No rules are set up, no daisy chaining, and it’s everything that it came with and plugged directly into the wall outlet. I’ve had the camera for a while and this issues just started happening within the last few months. (Maybe after the update but I can’t confirm that).
I thought maybe someone was hacking it so I changed the password and made a two-step verification process. I’m at a complete loss as to why this keep happening.