Does anyone else’s pan camera rotate randomly while off?

My camera is starting to freak me out now. It randomly rotates when it’s off (led is off as well). The first time I witnessed this it was late at night but it rotated randomly so I immediately looked at my app and sure enough it was off. Since the fist incident it’s happened a couple more time infrequently, there is absolutely no pattern between the random rotations (camera still off). It starting to freak me out now and I’ve changed my WiFi password multiple times. I no longer trust this camera because I can’t find anyone else that has this problem too. Also I should say the camera always goes back to it’s original position so this might happen more than I’ve noticed.

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The only time I have witnessed any of my Cam Pans showing this type of behavior, V1 or V2, is after they have been removed from power and powered back up, or after a reset.

Do you have the device on smart plug, or have a scheduled restart? Possibly a short in the AC adaptor, USB cable or outlet? Loose connection at the Micro USB side?

See if you can rule out a power issue if you haven’t already looked at that.

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We have not seen it on 12 of them at all,I did notice if the power drops,it will do it