Can you turn off rotation?

I bought the pan cam because I thought it would cover more area than the regular camera. I don’t want it to rotate at all. Is there a way to disable this?

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Open the camera live stream, tap more (3 dots), turn off motion/Pan.


I actually did that and it still rotated.

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Sounds like something else is going on then.

There is some good information in this thread below that may apply to your situation as well.

Things to check. A loose usb plug at the base can cause a restart/movement or any brief break in power. Bad or wrong power adapter. Sense bridge installed etc.


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I discovered I was using a power block from a v2.
I replaced the block. Things seemed to work fine for a day and then I noticed the pan cam doing the same thing. Randomly appearing to “reset” and then rotate to its limit in one direction and then to its limit in the other direction.
I did notice when I had the room light off that the light on the front just randomly started flashing blue. I couldn’t tell if it was flashing blue and yellow or just blue.
I have the pan cam plugged in with a Wyze short cord into the correct power block and it is into a power strip with other electronics. I don’t have another problems with the other electronics.

Have you tried eliminating the power strip? Plug the camera power supply directly into a wall outlet to see if the problem goes away.

  1. When you tried a different power block did you also try a different cable?
  2. Make sure the cable is firmly connected at the camera base. Some seem to have friction and do not click in.
  3. There are some reports posted of internal wires twisting in the cam pan and breaking.