Wyze pan randomly rotates

I’ve had a wyze cam pan for several years. It will rotate on its own at random. It almost seems as if someone hacks into it. I keep it pointed at a wall unless no one is home now. Has anyone else had this issue? Btw it is not setup to scan or follow motion.

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Exact same issue for me.

Oh heck yes. Started 4:30am this morning.
The app would not even let me in just got rhe wonderfully useless WYZE logo.
Uninstalled and reinstalled app still useless.
I unplugged all camera’s as got tired of the dead useless camera’s spinning.
Looked on downdetector and sure as heck there were reports on same.

Another useless product that I pay to support their own pockets.

This is getting a little ridiculous.

Finally just checked and appears to be working again (but would never really trust it or rely on it. These products are more toys now then useful camera’s.)

Wonder what they will say caused it this time.

I am sorry this was happening. We experienced an outage today that caused many cams to go offline and many were trying to reboot. When the pan cam reboots it will rotate around. Let me know if this continues?

It has nothing to do with the outage or my home network. I have a couple cam pans. The one in my living room seems to rotate at random while my garage one never does (nothing to see). And when it happens all cams are functioning along with other WiFi devices in the same room. I strongly believe people either from wyze or with hacking ability access my cams. I should’ve spent the money on a more reputable brand.

How are you powering the camera? Does it have a sdd card in it? If it does, please review the time when the camera spins. Is there coverage of it spinning? Or is there a blank spot in footage where it doesn’t show it spinning? If it’s a blank spot, my guess is that the camera restarted for whatever reason and it’s going through it boot up process. And when you say “rotate”, is it moving is small increments or does it rotate fully one way, and then fully back the other way?

You also have the ability to email security@wyze.com and let them know your experience and see if they can help explain further.

If you believe this to be the case please email security@wyze.com so we can look into it.

I will add that that pan cams will rotate when they reboot, I have seen some have a power supply issue that would cause the camera to reboot at times. If the garage and living room are the same model of camera you could try swapping the power supplies and see if the issue moves to the other camera. That would let you know if it is the power supply or a different issue.