Wyze Cam Pan moving on it’s own

So I’ve been having an issue with the Wyze Cam Pan. It started months ago, I’ve tried resetting the camera, to no avail. The problem is, whenever I set the motion detection zone, about a day later, the camera will have turned either to the left or right a little. I will reset the detection zone, and it keeps happening. I’m not sure if this is an issue with software, or just my camera. I do have the camera mounted outside, protected by a rubber case and an eve. Not sure if that is related to my issue.

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I have the same issue on a pan cam in my kitchen. It seems to reset (power cycle) itself every 2-4 days, and never returns to the original focal point.

At first I thought it was a bad PSU, so I replaced with my other pan cam’s PSU. No change. Reset the camera and installed latest firmware. No difference.

I’m thinking it may be some sort of bug/glitch with pan cam, cause now my other pan is doing the same thing.

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