Problems with Pan cam staying where i point it when i close the app

When I first got my Wyze cam Pan it would stay pointed where I left it. Now when I close the app it immediately returns to neutral. This is useless to me for motion detection, especially person detection (since ppl cannot fly). What happened to cause this change?


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Welcome back, @alan.williams. Here are three ways to get your Pan to return to the same position.

  • Default: Camera moves back to home position after 15 seconds. This is 180° from the power port on the base

  • Detection zone: If you set a detection zone, the camera will return to the middle of that zone after 15 seconds

  • Pan Scan way point: Set one Pan Scan way point, and turn on Pan Scan. NOTE: If you turn on Pan Scan, your detection zone is disabled and motion detection reverts to full screen.

Not sure if this is a new bug or if I’m missing something. Running the latest 5.111 fw. When I move my pan or tilt, it returns back to the same place after 10-15 seconds. I don’t recall this happening before the last update.

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Check to see if you have either:

  1. Detection Settings/Detection Zone set to on
  2. Advanced Settings/Motor Controls/Pan Settings set and Pan Scan turned on from the main screen ’More’ menu
    The two are mutually exclusive but either will cause your pan to move on its own to a preset position, and FW upgrade have a way of sometimes changing settings.

After the update, check your settings to see if they are same as what you had before. I upgraded to the 5111 firmware and got these results.

  1. Detection zone disabled, no waypoints saved. I planned the camera and it stayed where it landed.
  2. Detection zone enabled will full screen at point A, no waypoints saved. Panned camera and after 15 secs it returned to point a.
  3. Detection zone disabled, waypoint set to point a. Panned camera and after 15 secs it returned to point a.
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This seems to be what it’s doing. I don’t get the logic in this though. Most of us would like to use detection zones to help filter out the false alerts, but don’t necessarily want the camera to always center on this zone…Hopefully there’s an option or will be an option soon to disable the centering on detection zones.

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