Wyze cam pan issue with movement

It has been happen a lot since I installed it 1 week ago. Recording nothing but my stucco!!! It’s getting frustrating. I move it to where I wanted aimed at . Then check it and it’s right back to the reset position.

It may be working as designed.
You said you ‘moved it to where you wanted it aimed’. How, exactly??

Try this:

  • tap the gear to bring up Camera Settings for your pan-cam.
  • tap Detection Settings
  • tap Detection zone. Is the Detection zone feature turned ON?
  • if so, use the 4-way controller at the bottom of the Detection zone page to aim the camera where you want. Since it’s grey, it doesn’t look like that 4-way controller is active. But it is, and it specifies the ‘home’ location to which the camera will return.
  • note the help text at the bottom of the Detection zone page: “once moved, the camera will return to this position after 15 seconds of idle time
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My waypoints come out of adjustment at least once a week on each of my Pan Cams. Sometimes I have to turn the camera by hand to get it lined up correctly but usually it can be fixed using the settings.