V2 pancam not keeping new position - returns to previous

Hello. I have 2 v2 cams and 2 v2 pan cams (fw, running the RTSP fw). I just found one pan cam is not looking at the area i want it to cover. In the app, went into detection settings, used the arrows to move the cam: after 15 sec, returns again. Switched off ‘detection zone’, returned to main cam screen (had to, arrows to move cam disappear in detection settings screen), moved cam, waited 20 sec (camera did stay in set area), switched on detection area > camera moves back to old area after 15 seconds.

I expect the camera to stay in the new position. (btw, I also don’t understand why, when in detection settings and using the arrows to reposition the cam, it doesn’t stay in the new position … why not only return to old position when you move the cam in the main cam screen)

Anybody any suggestions to make the cam stick to the new position, apart from physically rotating it (although that does not cover up/down easily, and basically makes the pan cam a normal cam i need to physically position)?

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Have you tried setting only one waypoint? Make it your “home”.

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If you have a motion zone set, the cam pan will return to the point that you set it to.

Thank you for the reply. Have never used waypoints … don’t know why it should behave (never noticed this behaviour before). Did set a waypoint, but does not change behaviour in my case.

I know. But i should be able to set it to a different point? But when i do, it keeps returning to this ‘old’ location.

I tried the ‘reset position’ under motor controls, upon which it seemed to go back to one end of its possible rotation, after which i did set it to the position i wanted … now seems to stick. Not sure whether the reset did the trick, but happy for now. Thanks for the replies.

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My Pan cameras also moved off-center on power up, usually after new F/W was installed. My solution also was to set a single way point on them. That worked.

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