Cam Pan moves on it's own

Hey everyone, this is becoming unbearable, and I need a fix. I got 3 of the Pan Cams specifically for those features and the ability to follow motion so that I didn’t need to get 5 or 6 cams. However they all will move on their own to a location I don’t set. I’ll realize I haven’t received notifications and check them and they will pointed at nothing or in the wrong area. I’ve turned off motion follow, I’ve turned off my pan settings and even deleted the set points. I’ve powered them off and on, tried every reset option I can find, and nothing will fix it. Sometimes they move immediately back to the wrong spot, sometimes it takes a day or so. At this point they are almost unusable as they move and don’t cover the area’s I want to see. I can’t even set them in one spot and they will stay there. Any other ideas?! As much of pain as it is do I need to take them all down and do some factory reset? I love the quality picture I get, but I don’t want them if I have to continually babysit them. I’ll go to the non moving cams.

My Pan Cam is exhibiting the exact same symptoms… it is really frustrating. I did not even think about the possibility of changing to the v2 cam, but, since we don’t have a need for scanning on my Pan Cam. then getting the simple v2 Cam might be an option for us as well. Hate that we will have to spend another $20 to fix this issue, but at least it will fix this issue and resolve our frustration. thanks for the suggestion.

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Have you tried setting only one main point? Will it return there after inactivity?

Like Omgitstony says, setting one waypoint is what works for me. I have 8 cameras and each have at leaset one way point but the ones with multiples always return to the 1st way point.

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We are having a similar problem with our cam pan. Currently have a support ticket open about it. Check your recorded stream and see if there’s a gap in it at some point, where before that gap your cam is pointed where you want and after the gap it is not. As the OP said, sometimes this happens within a day of repositioning the camera and sometimes it’ll be a few days.

The current theory is that it’s losing power somehow, since it resets to it’s default position. Troubleshooting steps have included removing the microSD card, removing the sensor bridge, swapping power adapter and cord, and reflashing the latest firmware. Still having the problem. As I said though, we’re also still working with support on this. There are also log files that are created on the microSD card every time the camera unexpectedly resets. I can’t make heads or tails of them since I’m not a coder, but maybe someone else can.

I have not, I will try that now and see if it works. Thanks for that idea.

On one of my cameras it does it almost right away each time, so I don’t think it’s loosing power because I can watch it happen in my live stream. The other 2 are much more random in when they do.

I’ll try that. A decent with around if it works, but still a bummer that the great features it should have are basically un useable.

It seems they “reset” to the “straight ahead” position. Straight ahead from where the power plug goes into the base. However where I have them set up the power cannot go straight back, it needs to come out the side to go to power, so this is an issue.

The straight ahead position you are talking about is the position the camera defaults to when it boots up from a power loss.

That’s what I figured. But it’s weird because I can stay on my live feed and watch it move back to that position and then I can move it, and watch it do it again. I never see any loss of feed at all or anything.

That sounds like either a detection zone is set or a single way point is set. If you are literally watching it as it resets ( via the app ) then it is not a power loss.

I keep trying to get the team to realize that the event zone does not work on the pan cams. It picks movement outside the event zone. This is why it moves all over the place. I can make a small 1 foot area with the event zone but it picks up the full area that the camera sees. That is why the motion tracking does not work correctly. I had a ticket about this, was told that they have not recieved any complaints about detecting motion outside the event zone. I have 3 pan cams and all have this problem. My neighbor has this problem with o ly the pan cam. My 2 brothers also have this problem with their pan cams. The V2 no problem. This is why it is moving on it’s own.

What I am wondering after seeing many conversations on this, is the original motion being picked up in the detection zone and then when it tries to follow it is either:

A: Picking up motion from anywhere and not just the detection zone, or
B: Falsely picking up the motion of the camera moving that makes it over correct.

I have not tested because I have not found a good way to, but my belief is the initial motion is being triggered in the detection zone, after that initial motion it is following motion that happens anywhere. This could make sense in a way since the camera has moved from where the actual detection zone was set so at that point it follows any motion.

Yeah that’s what I thought. I went and deleted the way points, and I also checked the detection zone and turned them all to ‘Off’. I have set a single way point now and so far it seems to be holding there ok. I’m not sure if it was the single way point, or being sure the detection zone was turned off. It seems to be working ok now…but we’ll also see what happens when. I try to use it as a pan cam again.

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So far it seems to be working ok. I had to turn the detection zones to off and I also set a single way point to make it hold in that spot. It still picks up movement and lets me know. I’m guessing h less you need a very specific detection zone set…turn it off. I believe that may have been the main cause. That’s still an issue though as you can’t use the cam as you should be able to while also using the detection zone.

I would agree if it wasn’t for the fact that with just the detection zone set at one small corner and I walk into the opposite corner way outside the detection zone it sends a person alert and creates a 12 sec video. Even though I’m nowhere near the detection zone I set. With the V2 cam, I get the green tracking box only when something is inside the detection zone. With the pan cam the tracking box is inside and outside the detection zone.

I will have to test that out tonight when I get home. I do have a pan but don’t have a zone set. I will set a zone for the far left and enter from the far right and see if it sends an alert and follows me. Does that sound like what you are experiencing?

Well I made a phone call to my wife and made her walk in front of the camera a few times. I set a tiny detection zone way at the top so no shadow or anything would hit it. When she walked in she was tagged in green, but she was able to walk around and the cam did not follow her because she never hit the detection zone. I then moved the zone to the far right and had her walk in from the left and keep turning around and leaving. Each time I had her walk in further, the entire time the cam tagged her in green but it never followed her until she entered the zone. Then I went back and checked the events and the only notification and recording I had was the one time she entered the detection zone.

Yes, but you don’t have to have motion tracking on for it to detect your motion. The motion tagging box will still be picking you out. It does this on the public an beta apps. Their is a post just about this that had a few posts then a 3 month period of nothing, then started up again. Just look up motion outside the detection zone. Thank you for trying it

Mine is picking up motion outside of the zone and tagging it, but it does not notify me unless motion enters the zone.

Might be related. I have two Pan Cams both have two way points and are securely mounted via the screw mount on the bottom. One of the two cameras seems to drift slowly to the left over time. I spoke with Wyze support about it and they said the only way the would happen was if the camera’s base was moving, as in not secured in place. This was not the case. I was able to solve this problem with the left wandering camera by making a scheduled rule that resets the camera’s position once a day. I don’t know if this will solve your issue, but it fixed mine.