Way point drift issue with a different pan cam in same place

Ok… I posted about a way point issue on one single pan cam V3 a couple of weeks ago, apparently there’s a problem. BUT!!!
I just replaced that particular cam with another PanCam v3 with no issues in the way point settings. Basically a new camera, well guess what? It’s doing it now!
Heres the deal, all I did was take a pan cam with no issues and put it in the exact same place with the same power source as the original, renamed camera to Back yard cam and set it up the same way. I’m not so sure this is a hardware issue anymore!
Anybody got anything actually useful here? Could it be a power issue? I’m leaning towards software.

Do you have the camera stepping between multiple locations automatically?

Yes, I have 4 way points set. I have noticed something, the original pan cam works fine with the rotate screen 180° turned off.
I’ve been trying different things to trouble shoot this problem, and I think it has to do with with software.

From what I recall hearing here on the forum, this appears to be a commulative error issue. In other words, for example if every time it moves, it is off by one 100th of a degree, no one notices when it moves a few times, but after 1000 moves, it’s off by 10 degrees. It’s at least a reasonably know issue.
I don’t have any of my pan camera moving like that so I have not observed that problem.

I’ve heard the same, but from what I’ve read, they were thinking it was a hardware issue.
I’m more inclined to say it’s a software problem.

Like I said, the original cam having the issue works just fine without the image rotated 180°

Im gonna try doing the same with the second cam, when time permits.

Kind of like tech support. :roll_eyes:

I was going to point @Whiteseltom at some posts with more information about this problem, but I see that I’ve already done that, and I think this is what @K6CCC is alluding to:

That seems to be the current thinking, according to the latest fix-it-friday update:

If there’s a beta, where is it? I’m a beta user and have not seen it.
Plus, I’m relaying my observations to maybe get a push on addressing the issue faster.

Let’s fix some things instead of producing new products with new problems.

That’s a valid question, and I don’t have a great answer for you. The latest Beta I see for the cam-pan-v3 is this:

Unfortunately, it looks like the Wyze team members who create the bulk of the posts in the Beta category aren’t very consistent about tagging their posts, but I don’t know if that’s a user omission or a limitation based on the way the Forum is configured (because some categories don’t allow certain tags to be used for new topics). I think I’ll poke around a little and maybe ask about this in the Forum Operations Feedback Thread, because now I’m curious about that, too.

I appreciate that, and my suggestion there would be to participate in the fix-it-friday posts (as well as beta testing, as you said), because those are two areas where Wyze staff ostensibly solicit and read direct user feedback.

That’s a good idea, unfortunately, I work HVAC/R and my schedule doesn’t consist of enough time to partake in all that.
This is why it’s a big deal for wyze, the mods and any of the tech gurus to figure this stuff out.
Also, it would make the company more $$$ to be able to provide work around instead of “send us a log”.

I am a beta for the V3 Pan, and can confirm that my cameras have version

My pan is the same, I always try to stay up to date.