Cam Pan 3 with set waypoints go way out of wack

This is not a drift issue! I have two Pan 3’s one setup in my garage the other is in the house set to a fixed position. Once the cameras 4 waypoints are set on the garage camera it will stay on the waypoints for about a half a day or a full day, but then it goes from pointing toward the floor as I set to pointing all the way up to the ceiling on all 4 positions. I tried using my other Pan 3 camera set up the same way in the garage (mounted from the ceiling waypoints pointed toward the floor) and after the same time frame it looks at the ceiling. So, they are moving over 50% of their travel from the set waypoints.


Out of curiosity, is Pan Scan the only feature enabled? Is Motion Tracking enabled? Are both cams inverted? Do you have an SD Card installed recording continuous so that you might be able to pinpoint when the misalignment occured? Was it gradual and progressive over time with each scan or all at once? Did your cams experience a Reset sequence during that time which would show in the SD footage as a break in continuous recording? If so, does the position offset coincide with the Reset?

After reading your reply I turned off motion tracking and the camera has stayed true to the waypoints I’ve set with the pan scan for several days now. I do have an SD card in the camera, but it never captured the moment it wacks out. No resets on the camera. So, it appears you can’t have motion tracking and pan scan both on at the same time which is very counterproductive to having it as a security camera. Thanks for your input.

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That is why I asked. I have also found that the Motion Tracking feature is causing much of what is being perceived as the “Drift” issue. I have also disabled Motion Tracking, but moreso for a different reason although the cam’s repositioning failure is enough. When the Motion Tracking triggers, the Detection Zone that I need to block the busy street is no longer accurate and the Cam becomes an ADHD toddler thereby creating the massive “drift” to a new set home position.

There is a firmware update in the works that is supposed to help this. I am currently waiting for the Beta release to test it.

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Same issues with panning to the floor, ceiling, wall!! It’s annoying!! I have SIX & THEY ALL STARTED DOING IT!! WYZE NEEDS TO FIGURE IT OUT!! They have done ABSOLUTELY NOTHING but continue to email me crap I’ve already tried!! When are THEY going to try something?!?!?