Pan Drifting

So here’s a weird thing that I wasn’t able to search for. I have a Pan Cam set up in my kids’ room so my wife can keep an eye on them while she’s doing kitchen things. (Not a problem)

The cam is set to motion track and pan as well so it shifts between three vertical pan positions to monitor upstairs and down. Here’s the issue by lunch time, the pan coordinates have drifted all the way left, so we’re staring at the corner of the room and panning up and down. I have to reset position about every 3 hrs. What’s that all about?

Hi Brandon and welcome to the Wyze community.

You might want to check and see if the Cam Pan has a solid secure footing when it is at rest. It is possible that during tracking and or panning motions that the base of the camera could actually rotate to some degree if on a less than ideal friction surface.

A “slick” mounting surface could induce unwanted rotation in the base of the camera unit thus upsetting panning endpoints and the detection zone definition.

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It’s actually wall mounted with a screw in mount so it’s not going anywhere. I had the same thought at first though. I kept climbing up there to see if the power cord had moved as an indication of slippage. None so far.

Tried to upload a video example but it won’t let me. New user thing.