Wyze Pan keeps creeping off the shelf

My Pan Cam keeps moving and creeping off the shelf and falling on the floor. How do you keep it in the place you set it. Why does it keep moving?

I am assuming part of the reason is that you use either pan scan or motion tracking so the Pan is rotating frequently…

another part is the shelf surface material , on which the Pan does not have a good grip. you can feel the grip by mannually try to slide the pan while slightly pressing it against the surface.

One thing I can thinks of is to use maybe use some double sided tape on the base ?

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It is sitting on a wood shelf I guess I could try some double sided tape … Hmmm. thx.

lol , yes it is on a level surface :rofl:

I had my Pan on what I thought was a level surface, too, but even a very slight incline may allow the camera to slowly move forward towards the edge.

I now have it sitting on a rubber base so hopefully that keeps it from creeping and hitting the floor. :smiley:

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You might try using someone who can remove ghosts.

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