Can't get Pan Cam to stay in one position. Does anyone from Wyze ever answer these posts?

This is posted elsewhere on the forum, but no answer from Wyze.

Pan Cam. I’ve had it for months, and it always stayed in one position, right where I wanted it. Now it rotates all the time, and I can’t make it stop. It’s very creepy to be in a room and see a camera panning around.

Does anybody from Wyze EVER respond to problems on this forum? I’ve read a bunch of posts, and see no answers from Wyze.

Wyze employees do not generally respond on this forum. That is what the support system is for. I know they are backlogged, but you should be hearing back from them.

In the mean time, make sure you have both Motion Tracking and Pan Scan turned off.

You need to get into the settings for the Pan Cam. The settings are in 2 places. One is under the gear and one is under the three lines on the right middle.

Reference the solutions here: