Pan Refuses to Stay in One Position

I have a pan and don’t have any pan scan/motion tracking/motion tagging options selected. No sd card. Nothing. For some reason, It wants to position itself to the back swivel. I have three of them and two of them are doing this now. They seem to want to face the USB cord which it’s plugged in to.

I deleted one from my wyze account and reset it. Even during the setup it wants to be facing the wrong direction. I can force it by gently during the camera and it’ll stay for a bit but then goes back to the facing the back.

Help? Please.

PS. Yes, I searched in the forums. I didn’t spend hours looking for common problems, but I did try.

Is the ‘Detection Zone’ ON? Pan Cams return to the Zone that was ‘saved’ as ‘home’ after a few seconds.

Having the same issue …