Pan cam resets position daily

I have my pan cam set up so if it pans all the way to the left, it’s looking outside and all the way to the right its looking inside my living room. Every day it resets position so it’s looking straight ahead at my wall. Can I prevent it from automatically resetting it’s position?

Do you have a detection zone set? If so, then it will always return to that position.

If not, do you have Pan Scan enabled? You can set your far left and right positions as waypoints for Pan Scan and it will alternate between those every 10 seconds.

I’m having this same issue and it’s frustrating. Where my pan cam is positioned, I need to move where it’s pointed slightly to get the view I need, but it resets every day and that doesn’t work for me.

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Same here. Some of my pan cams need to be reset daily. Sometimes a couple times a day. Other pan cams are rock steady. No detection zone set, Just straight out of the box, standard set up, they drift off and need to be reset. What’s funny is you can see the router on one of the cams that act up. Power source is solid. I will never buy a pan cam again.

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I have up as no one in the company acts like they know about this. No more purchased for me. I already 86d my sensors as junk.

Yep, mine still randomly does this. It’s annoying at @#$% and I’d be a fool to purchase another one. I suspect many position their Pan Cams in the default position, so likely don’t experience this issue. Good for them. It’s a real issue and I’ve missed crap the kids did because of it. Also, the sound on my Pan Cam is horrible. I can hear people talking but have no clue what they said. The normal Wyze Cam v2 has none of these issues, but a Wyze Cam doesn’t work for me in my kitchen. Very disappointing product.