Wyze Cam Pan add the ability to schedule a daily "Reset Position"

Both of my Wyze Cam Pan cameras are firmly mounted with 2 waypoints stored in the pan scan settings on each. Both cameras over time seem to drift to the left, which requires me to go into the app select each of the cameras then Settings > Advance settings > Motor Controls > Reset Position. Can an option be added to firmware to allow for me to toggle on a daily automatic position reset?

This is more of a problem report than a feature suggestion, so I’ve moved it to #ask-the-community for now.

You said it’s mounted firmly, so can we assume that the base is not rotating?

If so, when you go back into the pan scan settings, do the waypoint thumbnails appear to be shifted? In other words, is the camera moving to a position that is different than is displayed as the waypoint, and then after reset moving the the position that matches the thumbnail?

If this is the case, I’d suggest as a first troubleshooting step to do a factory reset on the camera and then re-test.

You can create shortcuts with in the app itself. I have one I use which resets all of my pan cams positions. Shortcuts can be triggered by time of day in the creation process itself . That sounds like it would solve your problem. Hope so!

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