Customize camera reset position

Is the there an ability to customize the reset position for the v2 panning cameras? I have 4 total users that can view my cams and sometimes they forget to manually reposition the camera to our preferred viewing angle. Thank you.


Head into the app

  • pick your Pan camera
  • click on the gear at the top right for settings
  • click on “Detection Settings” from the list
  • click on “Detection Zone”
  • turn on “Detection Zone”
  • Then aim your camera with the control wheel below the image to where you would like it to reset to.
    If you move it, after 15 seconds of idle time the camera will move back to that position.

Awesome. Thanks for the detailed how to! I’ll give it a try this evening.

So followed those directions along with seeing the native directions within the wyze app. However the camera is not resetting at all after 15 mins of non-use (currently at nearly 100 minutes of non-use). I’m currently running up to date firmware and all other items functions as they should (as far as I can tell). Any suggestions?

I have recently seen this same issue after our latest power outages.

I’ve actually used the setting under Advanced Settings.

Select Motor Controls
Select Pan Scan Settings
Set one or more way points.

I only set one way point and the camera will always reset to that way point after 15 seconds.
The camera always goes back to the first way point when Pan Scan is set to off.

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