Save a default pan position

Hi all!

I have one pan cam in particular that likes to reset for some reason. That’s bothersome, but really fine overall. The issue I have is that I keep it pointed at the floor 99% of the time, but when it resets, it obviously centers itself, causing me to go adjust it every time. I was hoping there’s a way to set a default position after a reset, kind of like the “pan scan” feature or adding an option to the “reset position” feature.

If you setup a motion detection zone the Pan camera will return to that position after 15 seconds from power on. Hope this helps.


But then won’t it move and track movement when it sees it?

No, this is not the tracking setup, it’s done via the gear icon in the upper right corner of the live view screen.

In order the screens on my phone starting with live view of the Pan camera.




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Image 3 didn’t work, but I think I get the gist of what you’re saying. I’ll give that a shot! Thanks!

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Sorry about that.

Setting one waypoint works to keep it where you want it , but it is a shame that you have to do that, because in the past you never had to do that

What was the power on routine like before?

The power on routine always set the camera to home position , but you could set it anywhere you want after that and it would stay there , now it won’t stay where you put it unless you set a waypoint

That’s odd, mine stays where I point it forever unless there is a power failure or firmware update. I have never set a waypoint and even my detection zone is turned off.

I just tested one out ,I set 1 way point, I set it in position and the pan pointing all the way down after a power cycle it retained the position
So @manofpants this should work for you, see pan scan here

Some people have a problem with this some don’t

Ah you mean it will return to its position following a power cycle with no user intervention if a waypoint is set. Handy to know, I was not aware of that.


I get the same behavior with a detection zone. So I never really looked at waypoints.

Yeah I never use scanning or waypoints or anything.
Most of my cameras are V 2 I bought one pan cam and got another one free so

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I think when @manofpants says his Pan “like to reset”, he is saying it resets as if it was power cycled. So you are both saying the same thing.

And yes, single-waypoint-pan-scan and setting a detection zone both accomplish the same thing as far as having the camera lock to a given position after reset.

@manofpants… One reason this camera may be resetting itself is insufficient power. This can be caused by not using the correct 2amp power adapter, too long of a USB cable, or daisy chaining power for the Pan. If none of those are the cause, I’d suggest submitting a support ticket.