WHY do my Wyze Cam Pan always reset to a position I didn't leave them at?

Always latest firmware. Don’t use the auto pan feature.

I set these cams at our business where I want them and let htem do their thing. Then EVERY time I check them every few days or weeks they are staring at a wall or seem to be set to a home or nuetral location irregardless if there was a power outage or such.

Been an issue for over a year since I installed them.

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Hi, @carboncow. Do you have any waypoints set on the Pan? :slightly_smiling_face:

If you set either a Detection Zone or a single-waypoint Pan Scan, the camera will return to that position after reset.

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Had the same issue resolved it by setting where you want the cam to stay positioned in ‘Detection Settings, Detection Zone’

It says at the bottom of that screen “Once moved, the camera will return to this position after 15 seconds of idle time”


I have two Wyze Cam Pans. Every morning the 1st cam waypoints gets reset to the ones for 2nd cam.

I will then to to 1st Cam, reset to all 4 waypoints. Some 10 minutes later ( randomly ), the waypoints reset to that of the 2nd cam.

Is anyone else experiencing this issue? I have reported to WYZE support and hoping and praying…