Random Rebooting

I have 2 of the pan cams and one of them is giving me issues. at random times, maybe twice a month i will find that the camera is turned 180 degrees and facing the wall. I have to use the pan button to turn it where i want it to be. What’s interesting is if i manually restart it, it does the same thing. it seems like this position is the home position and when it is pointing in the direction i need the camera is almost all the way to the stop.

when looking at the setup. the cable is at the rear between the camera and the wall. It seems like the home position is screwed up. My other camera does not do this. Any clues how to resolve this

Have you tried turning on Pan Scan with a single waypoint at the home position you want? This will make it return to that point every 10 seconds when/after it follows motion.

I have not, but I can see how that might be a good work around. I’ll try it.

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