Cam Pan cameras rotating 180 deg on their own

I have 3 Cam Pan cameras that are indoors but pointing through a window.
On multiple occasions, I’ve discovered that they are pointing 180 deg (into the house) and I haven’t turned them. I don’t have the motion tracking feature enabled and I have night vision disabled (since it reflects off of the window).

Has anyone else experienced this?


Is it possible that you have Pan Scan turned on shown in image below top row third one over?

Or, Is it possible that the Camera is rebooting at night, asking because if you have a rule setup to reboot the camera, the Cam Pan will cycle through the motions while booting.

I would move the camera to another part of the room, connect power and adjust the camera so it is fully pointing to one side or the others. Check the next day and see if it is in the same position or moved to determine if the camera is simply rebooting for some reason.

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