Ghost in the Machine?

My Cam Pan sits on a window sill looking out. It’s been there for years. In the last week, on two separate occasions, I’ve checked the status of the camera after waking up. I found the camera rotated 180 degrees pointing into my house. I’m up to date with firmware version

Can anyone explain how the camera rotates on its own?

I am sorry this is happening, the only time I am aware of the camera moving on its own would be when it powers up, it will spin side to side then should stop where you have it set, You could try unplugging it and plugging it back in and see if when it does its self test it stops itself looking into the house instead of looking out.


If Track Motion is toggled on, then it could also track bugs or something in the wind and potentially see light or itself in the reflection and get pointing into the window, depending on the positioning. I have actually had this happen with mine.

One thing that can help is to set a single “waypoint” for facing away from the window, in the normal position you want it to face. Then, even if you allow it to track motion, or even if it changes position booting up or anything else, the single Waypoint will always act as an anchor and force it to return to the normal preferred position within something like 10 seconds if I recall correctly.

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@carverofchoice I can’t seem to find Track Motion in the Android app. Can you remind me where it is?

Open the live view of the camera and on the bottom half of your screen click on the three dots labeled More on the right

A pop up will appear and you’ll see Motion tracking . If it’s ON it’ll be green


As Rulwiz stated:

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@Rulwiz @carverofchoice Thanks for the replies. I found that setting and it is disabled.

Today, around 11 am, the camera rotated on its own again. However, this time, I happened to be viewing the live stream while it happened.

I didn’t get the complete message it displayed, but, from what I did see, it said something about trying to reconnect to the network. It showed that message several times. Then, when it had reconnected, the camera was pointing inside my home.

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Take a screenshot next time the pop up appears and post it in here

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