Is my Pan Cam hacked?

My granddaughter came to me and stated that the camera is moving by itself. I did not believe her. Yesterday, I was standing in front of the camera doing something in the same room where the camera is located and I heard a noise, when I turned around I could see the eye of the camera moving.
Is this the camera adjusting itself or am I hacked and someone can see into my house?

Do you by any chance have motion tracking enabled on the camera?


Or Pan Scan.


One of mine does that occasionally. I think it reboots itself. The other pan cam I have does not do it.

The reason I think it’s a reboot is because it turns completely around to both sides and then back to where it was set, just like when it reboots after an update.


Check to see if you have any rules that reboot the camera. If not, factory reset the camera and try again

Done that. Still happens. Not too worried about it, though.

Mine used to reboot all the time. I have it in a front window now, so I don’t know if it still odes it but it used to do it about once a day.

Full disclosure: the pan cam I have this issue with had motor issues as well. Wyze sent me a replacement and told me I could keep the defective one or trash it. So, I use it, but put it in a location that I don’t need to use the pan scan option. (my issue was the camera would just drift slowly over the course of a day to one side or another like it couldn’t remember its starting position).

Since the video and everything works and it was just the motor issue, I kept it and found a use for it.